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LASERTEC 4300 3D Hybrid by DMG MORI

LASERTEC 6600 DED hybrid

Laser Metal Deposition & 5-axis machine

Max. X-axis stroke
1,040 mm
Max. Y-axis stroke
610 mm
Max. Z-axis stroke
3,890 mm
Laser power standard
2,000 W


Large Build Area

  • Up to 1,040 mm on the X-axis, -280 mm to +330 mm on the Y-axis, 3,890 mm on the Z-axis
  • Largest workpiece size: Φ1,010 mm × 3,702 mm
  • Suited for large workpieces including rocket engine parts for the aerospace industry, oil-well pipes for the energy industry and shafts for transport aircrafts

Hybrid of metal additive manufacturing technology and subtractive machining

  • Efficient  additive manufacturing and subtractive manufacturing on one machine with the linear axes (X-, Y-, and Z-axis), B-axis (turn-mill spindle), C-axis (Left spindle and Right spindle)  
  • Synchronized operation of Left spindle and Right spindle that transfers workpieces between the two spindles to achieve streamlined additive manufacturing processes
  • Turn-Mill spindle equipped with the AM head and AM nozzle to carry out metal powder injection and laser irradiation simultaneously
  • Laser output - 2,000 W(standard), <4,000/6,000/8,000 W(option)>

Extensive maintenance functions

  • Movable and high-performance dust collection duct to prevent dust powder from scattering 
  • Zero Sludge Coolant Tank that effectively collects fine sludge inside the coolant tank as standard
  • Laser sensor installed on the machine cover and window to detect laser before it penetrates the cover and stop it

Application Examples

Control & Software

CELOS and Industry 4.0 by DMG MORI


Integrated digitization of the DMG MORI machines & the shop floor:

  • CELOS Machine: APP-based user interface with access to all production-related information
  • CELOS Manufacturing: 27 CELOS APPs for the optimal preparation & processing of orders
  • Digital Factory: Continuous digital workflows from planning to production & service

Service & Training

Downloads & Technical Data

Technology segment
DED - Directed Energy Deposition
Technology integration
Technology Data
Laser Type
Fiber coupled diode laser
Laser power standard
2,000 W
Laser power optional
8,000 W
Max. workpiece diameter
1,010 mm
Max. workpiece height
3,702 mm
Work Area
Max. X-axis stroke
1,040 mm
Max. Y-axis stroke
610 mm
Max. Z-axis stroke
3,890 mm
Use case
Internal channels / cavities
Hybrid machining
Multi-material components / graded materials
Repair / Coating
Production Type
Cobalt-Chrome alloys
Copper alloys
High-speed steel
Nickel-based alloys
Stainless steel
Tool steel